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Hotel Maddalena. An exemplary story.
Grottaminarda 1968

The economic climate was still grey , when Maddalena and Anthony, a young couple animated by enthusiasm, wish and courage, opened their small cafes-restaurant on Carpignano St.

She cooks the simple dishes of the country tradition; he- returning from his hard day of work, improvise himself as pizza-maker . And so on! Maddalena is the wind, Anthony the rudder. The first infrastructures start rising up in Irpinia, it increases the application of receptiveness. Well soon 2 rooms are added to the upper floor. In the meantime the family increases; and Katia was added to the young Katia : they will be the fortune of the family!

1979, the great leap: on a ground situated in Fontanelle St., the first site of Hotel Maddalena was born: 16 rooms, restaurant, cafe.

1978: starts an important industrial initiative in the district of Valle Ufita so the range of clients is increased.

1980: the earthquake upsets the Irpinia area. The hotel Maddalena withstands fearless, and it enumerates. in these breakers. illustrious presences among the rescuers.

Nella and Katia they are grown; unthreading the apron when coming back from school and wearing the one for maid to face the increase of clients, attracted from the genuine cook and from the rigorous respect of the rules of hygiene, quality and safety.

They are years of impetuous and overwhelming growth also in the family where they arrive Mario and Nella before, and Vincent with Katia later.

The new resources give courage; so the structure starts enlarging, and brings the receptiveness to 26 rooms,

endowed with every confort, and a room for ceremonies is drawn for 150 places with and a new elegant cafe.

The hotel Maddalena is by now an important site on the territory.

Finally, in 2005, crowning its more than 30 years of activity - the most precious thing: the new big café, pizza restaurant, newspaper kiosk - tobaccos: a bright and pleasant environment, rich of greedy temptations, with its relaxant external vine-trellis and an large parking lot

From 2006 The hotel Maddalena obtains the three star classification.

- And the story continue.....



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